Project Update

Sudan's Training Workshops Thrive Online Despite Political Challenges

Despite Political Challenges in Sudan, Training Workshops Successfully Integrates Components Online

After months of delay due to political unrest, ARCH’s component in Sudan resumed again as component three training and national policy paper writing merged into a single online workshop. With 15 participants and 3 local trainers, the online sessions commenced on October 25th, 2023, and concluded on January 5th, 2024. Facing intermittent internet connectivity issues, the project team ensured the workshop's efficacy by recording sessions and providing pre-recorded materials for flexible access. The comprehensive workshop, spanning six modules, covered topics ranging from policy and advocacy to negotiation skills and policy paper composition. Notably, participants engaged in peer review sessions, resulting in 8 out of 15 submitting policy papers by the workshop's end, underscoring its success despite challenges.