Project Update

CRISP Highlights ARCH Project at COP28

Between December 1st and December 5th, CRISP actively participated in COP28, emphasizing its ARCH (Action for Regional Climate Help) project—an initiative aimed at addressing climate challenges.

Representatives from partner countries, Egypt and Sudan, discussed project tracks and goals, contributing to the ongoing dialogue on climate change. During COP28, the CRISP coordinator and project participants engaged in side events, providing an opportunity to discuss the goals and potential outcomes of the ARCH project with various stakeholders. The experience offered valuable insights into the dynamics of such conferences, setting the stage for future endeavors.

Looking forward, CRISP is keen on sharing more findings in the next COP. The organization aims to organize a dedicated side event for the ARCH project, building on the positive results and experiences gained thus far. This strategic move aligns with CRISP's commitment to fostering collaboration and expanding its network within the global climate community.