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Action for Regional Climate Help (ARCH)

The project aims to empower Youth-Led Organizations (YLO) in terms of cooperation, local project work, climate policy advocacy and implementation monitoring in Egypt and Sudan.

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01.07.2022 – 30.06.2025


Egypt, Sudan


Youth-Led Organizations (YLO) in Egypt and Sudan

30 Youth led organizations in Egypt and Sudan

CRISP (Germany) will collaborate closely with partners from the Sudanese Environment Conservation Society - SECS (Sudan) and Youth Love Egypt Foundation – YLE (Egypt) to support the countries participative climate governance through the empowerment of Youth-Led Organizations (YLO) in terms of cooperation, local project work, climate policy advocacy and implementation monitoring. Throughout the time from 2022 to 2025 we will organize on-site workshop weeks that will engage up to 60 young people (50 % female) papers, of which at least five are selected for round two and at least one policy paper (one from each country) will be the winners.

The project seeks to assist Sudanese and Egyptian YLO (inside and outside the current PACJA network and especially those who are women-led) to develop positive feedback loop of strengthening capabilities and successes. With the help of CRISP, YLE and SECS, YLO will co-develop and implement climate advocacy processes and pilot projects in the region. The project utilizes experience-based learning, simulation gaming and futurology methods to train the target group in much-needed skills. It serves to connect them with relevant stakeholders (local to global) and teaches the targets how to lobby governance stakeholders to accept them as knowledgeable supporters in the common cause of fighting against, and adapting to, climate change in North-East Africa. This will increase stakeholder engagement in the region’s climate governance and improve North-South cooperation.  

Project Goals 

The overall goal of the project is to ensure that the Egyptian and Sudanese youth are empowered to coordinate inclusive, gender sensitive, effective, and ambitious climate action, advocacy, and monitoring processes on climate issues.

Youth-Led Organizations (YLO) will have the platform to discuss environmental, sociol-political and economic issues, with a particular emphasis on climate change.  Furthermore, the project will equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary for the formulation and implementation of climate-related policy proposals.

Additionally, YLO members will be able to participate in national competition for policy paper and the national winners will then receive an invitation for the regional stage. Hence, YLO members will have the opportunity to discuss on eye-to-eye level climate futures and policy proposals with regional experts and Egyptian policymakers and advocate for ambitious, inclusive action to address climate change.

Target Groups 

The target groups are Youth-Led Organizations (YLO), with a special focus on female leaders and female led YLO. At least 10% of the participating YLO is female led (FYLO).

Planned Outcomes/Achievements 

By the conclusion of this project, YLO members in Egypt and Sudan will have gained a better understanding of climate change issues and on how to formulate and lobby for their interests and rights on a local, national and regional level. The winners of a two-stage policy paper competition will then enter a youth-driven and ambitious policy co-creation process with national policymakers. This dialogue is continued in high-level conferences, involves five scenario planning workshops and ends with concrete policy proposal. This will contribute to a stronger climate resilience and participative climate governance in Egypt and Sudan. Young and especially female voices will regarded as critical to informing these policies.


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