Project Insight

Insights from the IKI ARCH Project

On International Youth Day, August 12th, one of the participants from our Action for Regional Climate Help (ARCH) project, Hania Muhammed Mohier Selim from Egypt, shared her profound impressions gained during her participation. The project is aimed at empowering Youth-Led Organizations (YLOs) by fostering cooperation, engaging in local project initiatives, advocating for climate policy, and monitoring implementation in Egypt and Sudan.

Hania articulates, "This experience effectively bridged the gap between academia and practical climate action, enhancing my research, analytical, and communication skills. I successfully proposed impactful policies that have positively influenced my community by raising awareness about sustainable practices."

As a CRISP team, we take great pride in Hania and all the participants who have gained substantial expertise in the field of climate change. Witnessing the progress and the project's impact on both the professional and personal lives of the participants bring us immense joy. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our partners - Youth Loves Egypt and SECS, whose collaboration made this endeavor possible. Together, we are making a meaningful contribution to the ongoing effort of addressing climate challenges.

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