New Project

Wer regiert Neuland? – Coalition building in Germany

Our app-based simulation game on coalition and government formation makes German politics tangible and understandable for young and first-time voters. In a creative and interactive way, "Who governs Neuland" offers an ideal opportunity to understand the influence and participation of votes and voters on our complex political system. It is a fun way to overcome lack of knowledge and mistrust of the political system, promote participation and strengthen democracy.

How do you actually become Federal Chancellor? Why doesn't the name of the candidate appear on the ballot paper? Why are there talks of Jamaica, Kenya and traffic lights during the elections? Where is the climate list…because I voted for it? Politics determines our lives, but how can we better understand it?

"Wer regiert Neuland" provides a low-threshold and interactive introduction to the German political system for young and first-time voters. These and other questions are answered in a playful way. With the help of a web-app, participants form their own government and try to lead 'Neuland' into a better future. First, a new parliament is elected. Participants then become politicians, negotiate with each other, try to find common ground, make decisions and reach compromises. In "Wer regiert Neuland", participants experience first-hand that every vote really does count and how to vote so that the desired government is formed. Moreover, they learn vocabulary such as coalitions, exploratory talks and parliamentary group meetings.

The simulation game is written in simple language and there can be chosen from various political topics, so that the game can be adapted to the needs and interests of the participants and can be carried out without barriers to certain groups.

Our aim is to make democracy more accessible by involving first time voters. We can only emphasize what Friedrich Ebert once said: Democracy needs democrats! Because only through them, it can be strengthened and lived.