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Wer Regiert Neuland with Migrant Activists

At the Summer 2022 implementation of the Simulation Game “Wer regiert Neuland?”, young politically active migrants were charged with simulating a coalition negotiation and thereby found gaps and political strategies in how to address German political parties.

Quick facts
DURATION05.08.2022 Until 25.08.2022
LOCATIONSHamburg, Germany
PARTICIPANTSYoung politically active migrants without German citizenship.


Thus far, the simulation game “Wer Regiert Neuland?” has mainly targeted students and young voters and supported them in their journey of better understanding and questioning political positions and the overall political system of Germany.

With the implementation of the simulation game in Hamburg, however, we had a chance to finally also address other first-time voters who are ideal targets for it. The group, consisting of young politically active migrants selected and trained by the program MPs2030 was already familiar with the German political system, but still had many questions. By simulating party positions, negotiations, and elections, participants learned to identify political compromise and ways to seek it.

Project Goals
  • Political education (particularly regarding coalition building and political compromise)
  • Digitalization of political education in Germany
  • Combating conspiracy theories and populist rhetoric
Target Group(s)

First-time voters such as youths, migrants, and other first time voters.


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