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Simulation Game

Navigating Local Political Realities in Thuringia

On December 15, CRISP, in collaboration with Respect Coaches, organized a simulation game «Wer regiert Neuland» («Who Governs Neuland») in Jena, with a focus on the political situation in Thuringia.

Quick facts
DURATION15.12.2023 Until 15.12.2023
LOCATIONSJena, Germany
PARTICIPANTS35 young people


The simulation game aimed to examine the political landscape in Thuringia, with a specific focus on addressing local challenges, including the rise of the far right and uncertainties surrounding coalition negotiations.

By tailoring the simulation game to the regional context, the event provided participants with an opportunity to explore and discuss issues relevant to Thuringia's political climate. The collaboration with Respect Coaches brought additional insights into migration-related aspects, contributing to a more comprehensive understanding of the region's dynamics.

«Wer Regiert Neuland» served as a practical learning experience, allowing participants to analyze and navigate the intricacies of local politics. CRISP and Respect Coaches joint initiative focused on adapting educational tools to address specific regional challenges, fostering a nuanced understanding of political dynamics in Thuringia.


This workshop was implemented in close cooperation with