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"Wer regiert Neuland" Simulation Game in Collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Finance

In the end of September, CRISP has introduced its simulation game, "Wer regiert Neuland" ("Who Governs Neuland"), to a group of 14 participants at the Federal Ministry of Finance in Berlin. This simulation game was incorporated into the Federal Ministry of Finance's Traineeprogramm, designed for recent graduates holding master's degrees in economic and financial studies.

Quick facts
DURATION20.09.2023 Until 20.09.2023
LOCATIONSBerlin, Germany


"Wer regiert Neuland" specializes in coalition negotiations, providing participants with a practical understanding of the intricacies of political decision-making in Germany. It places a strong emphasis on political education and aims to enhance the democratic awareness of young adults. Through this simulation game, participants gained a comprehensive understanding of the functioning of the German political system, the implications of their vote following an election, and the challenges inherent in coalition negotiations and government formation.

The simulation game lasted for 4 hours, serving as an effective tool to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, thereby empowering young professionals to navigate the intricacies of the German political landscape with confidence.

The participants exhibited great enthusiasm and made a great contribution during the simulation game, resulting in the successful formation of a red-red-green coalition! 




This workshop was implemented in close cooperation with