Simulation Game

The Implementation of the «Wer Regiert Neuland» Simulation Game at New York University

In collaboration with New York University (NYU) in Berlin, CRISP took the lead in organizing the simulation game "Wer regiert Neuland" (Who Governs Neuland). The event gathered approximately 15 students from NYU, offering them a platform to enhance their understanding of coalition negotiations in Germany.

«Wer Regiert Neuland» was created and first implemented in early 2022 as a result of the rise of the AfD in parliamentary elections and the decline in the election results of the major parties. Since then, it has been adapted to contemporary events and challenges, serving as an interactive tool for first-time and young voters aged 16 and older to learn more about the political system of Germany.

The simulation game, recently conducted at NYU entirely in English, focused on educating politically interested students about the intricacies of the German political system. CRISP facilitated an environment for participants to delve into the complexities of governance, fostering discussions on political decision-making and coalition formation.

As a result of the implementation, the event showcased a methodical exploration of political dynamics, culminating in an agreement on a final coalition. The participants, guided by CRISP, engaged in a thoughtful and educational process that contributed to their understanding of the practical challenges faced by political leaders.