Second Training Component on Action for Regional Climate Help (ARCH) in Sudan and Egypt

In Sudan and Egypt, we held the second training component of the ARCH project, which focused on organizational and project management. Twenty young participants from youth-led organizations took part in this training.

The second training component of the Action for Regional Climate Help (ARCH) project in Sudan and Egypt was completed successfully, with 20 selected young participants from youth-led organizations in each country. Following a five-day workshop in November (Sudan) and January (Egypt), twenty out of thirty participants from each country were chosen to participate in track one: climate direct action. Fifteen participants for Track 2: climate advocacy and climate policies, were selected from among all participants from each country. In total, five participants for each country will be part of both tracks, creating a link between climate actions and climate advocacy and policy creation.
In January (Sudan) and February (Egypt), we held a 5-day workshop where participants from training two worked on developing project ideas to address local climate issues. With support from our partner organizations SECS and YLE, as well as local experts and CRISP members, participants learned project proposal writing and management skills and how to connect their ideas to the realities of their country. At the end of the workshop, participants received a complete application to apply for seed funding. After an evaluation and selection process, ten projects will be chosen to receive funding. This gave participants the opportunity to work on their project ideas, meet other young people working on environmental and social issues, and apply for funding to implement their own initiatives. These efforts will be linked to Track 2 and provide feedback for climate policies and advocacy work.