Project Update

Egyptian Climate Champions Craft Targeted Policy Advice in National Workshops

Youth Love Egypt concludes the fourth workshop in the ARCH project, which was an applied workshop for writing policy papers from 4 to 7 October 2023. Fifteen youth representatives from various Egyptian states have finished their policy papers under the supervision, guidance, and feedback from members of parliament to ensure their applicability, accuracy, and the development of effective and powerful policy papers.

The participants were guided in reflecting on their policy ideas and putting them into coherent policy advice. The workshop was led by expert trainers in climate change and policy development, along with three Egyptian members of parliament who provided critical firsthand experiences and advice.

The primary objective of the workshop was to enhance participants' skills in communication, response, and advocacy within the sphere of climate change policy. The curriculum covered a spectrum of topics, offering a well-rounded understanding of policy paper development and advocacy strategies.

Throughout the workshop, participants explored the nuances of crafting policy papers, with a specific focus on climate change-related issues. The interactive nature of the training ensured that theoretical knowledge was translated into practical skills. As the workshop concluded, participants not only possessed the required knowledge but also finalized the draft policy papers they had prepared before the workshop with the help of our curriculum.

Local experts and parliamentarians provided ongoing support to participants, reinforcing their ability to contribute meaningfully to the discourse surrounding climate change policy in Egypt. This collaborative approach underscored the importance of community engagement and mentorship in fostering informed decision-making.