Middle East/ Northern Africa

Successful Completion of ARCH Training Component 3 in Egypt

Fifteen passionate participants, with a strong representation of women, have completed Training Component 3 in Egypt, equipping them with the skills for effective policy advocacy and policy paper writing. They are now prepared to drive system change and advocate for a sustainable future.

In Egypt, fifteen participants, including thirteen women and two men, successfully completed Training Component 3 of the ARCH project. This intensive training focused on policy advocacy and policy paper writing, providing participants with valuable insights and tools to advocate for system change.

During the five-day workshop, participants engaged with local experts, politicians, and community leaders, deepening their understanding of effective advocacy strategies. They delved into the art of policy paper writing, refining their ideas and building strong arguments.
These dedicated participants, representing youth-led organizations, will now advance to the national policy paper writing workshops in September and October. This extended timeframe will allow them to finalize their policy recommendations and contribute to shaping a sustainable future.

The completion of Training Component 3 demonstrates the commitment of these passionate individuals to drive positive change in Egypt. Equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge, they are prepared to make a lasting impact through policy advocacy and their collective efforts.