Regional Policy Paper Writing Workshop in Fayoum!

Last week, we implemented a very fruitful and successful workshop on drafting regional policy papers under our ARCH project in Egypt. 

Last week, we successfully conducted a Regional Policy Paper Writing Workshop in Fayoum, Egypt, aimed at addressing climate change issues in the MENA and Africa regions. Over three days, participants engaged in discussions to understand and document regional challenges and solutions related to climate change, drawing on their own local expertise to draft policy papers. The workshop covered various critical topics, including food security, public health impacts of climate change, challenges faced by indigenous communities, barriers to green investment, and climate migration.

These initial drafts represent a significant step toward developing comprehensive policies that address the pressing issue of climate change in these regions. The policy papers will be further refined and expanded in the next phase of the project, with the support of expert trainers and mentors.

Simultaneously, a similar workshop has begun in Sudan, marking the extension of this initiative to other parts of the region. We look forward to sharing updates on the progress of these workshops and the development of policy papers that aim to contribute meaningful solutions to climate change challenges in the MENA and Africa regions.