Project Update

Climate Crisis Scenario Planning Workshop in Egypt!

During the last week of May, we successfully implemented a crisis scenario planning workshop in collaboration with our Egyptian partners in the IKI ARCH project, Youth Loves Egypt (YLE).

The workshop brought together a diverse group of stakeholders, including parliament members, ambassadors, climate change experts, and academics.

It had numerous objectives and one of the main ones was to provide a platform for participants to discuss and exchange the potential impacts of climate change in Egypt and to seek expert advice on the matter. Participants received insights into various factors affecting the climate in Egypt, which enabled them to hypothesize best, and worst-case scenarios based on different challenges and uncertainties that Egypt is likely to face in the future. 

Key topics discussed included water scarcity, increasing heat waves, rising energy prices, and the transition to a green economy. The collaborative effort resulted in the development of multiple scenarios by participants from different Egyptian governorates, that will enhance their policy interventions- whether that is done through their comprehensive policy papers or their local initiatives. 

The workshop was a significant step towards understanding and preparing for the future impacts of climate change in Egypt.