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Youth Participation in Kyrgyzstan

The consultancy aimed at enhancing need-based youth promotion measure on a municipality level in Kyrgyzstan.This was realized through involving young people in the planning, implementation and monitoring of related activities.

Quick facts


 01.06.2021 – 30.11.2021







In a first step a community need assessment workshop was held for youth leaders and municipal representatives from 10 communities. Participants learned about research techniques and developed their own plans on how to find out more about the needs of young people in their environment. After conducting the youth needs assessments, a second workshop was held, focusing on the development of tailor-made youth promotion initiatives based on the outcomes of the research. These initiatives were subsequently implemented in cooperation between youth leaders and municipal representatives in the targeted communities. 

 Project Goals 

The specific objectives of the project were

  • To equip youth leaders with the necessary skills to conduct youth needs assessment in their communities, using analogue and digital means
  • To develop and implement need-based youth promotion measures
Target Group 

Youth Leaders: 20 Youth leaders from 10 municipalities were trained in basic research methods to conduct their own needs assessments.

Representatives of municipalities: 10 municipality workers and members of the local government took part in the training measures and supported the assessment process as well as the implementation of the youth promotion measures

Youth: Over 200 young people took part in the youth needs assessments and 1300 young people benefited from the youth promotion measures implemented in the targeted municipalities


Apart from the newly developed competences of the youth leaders and the enhanced cooperation with representatives of municipalities in total 26 activities were conducted to meet the identified needs of the young people. Activities formats reached from conducting employment training over the opening of a library to the establishment of a youth development center, which will provide ongoing intellectual development courses in Ak-Dobo (Talas region).  Due to the close cooperation with local authorities, further finances will be provided to sustain the results.


The project could be realized thanks to the kind support of: