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U-Power – Female Leadership in Peacebuilding

Fostering socio-economic recovery of Ukrainian refugee women in Moldova and enhancing civic participation among Ukrainian refugee girls and their host community peers in Moldova.

Quick facts
DURATION01.04.2023 Until 31.12.2023


U-Power addresses the multifaceted challenges faced by women and girls in the context of Russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine and consequent refugee influx in Moldova. Emphasizing a feminist and intersectional approach, the project focuses on the empowerment of women and girls, encompassing personal development, leadership, and support for small and medium businesses, as well as strengthening local participation. CRISP is mainly involved in the girls’ component.

Project Goals
  • Support the socio-economic recovery of women through building their capacity and increasing their leadership and management skills.
  • Foster meaningful integration of Ukrainian refugee girls into Moldovan host communities through non-formal political participation on the local level.
Target Group(s)
  • 15 Ukrainian women refugees and women from the host communities in Moldova
  • 15 Ukrainian refugee girls and 15 Moldovan girls from host communities
Planned Outcomes/Achievements

Given the low level of women’s involvement in management positions and entrepreneurship field on one hand and the significant importance of women’s economic resilience as an efficient and sustainable path to women empowerment, we aim at providing in-depth transformative support to women refugees and Moldovan women in order to reduce gender imbalances in the labor market through an innovative vocational program for women.  As a result, at least 15 women, both refugees and local women, will own essential skills and competences to obtain a management position and/or develop and run their own enterprises and be independent.
We also strive to strengthen non-formal political participation of girls on the local level. Regardless of whether a refugee or a host community member, girls often lack leadership opportunities and platforms to advocate for their needs. Close cooperation of refugee girls with girls from host communities as well as joint implementation of local initiatives will make young women a crucial part of local decision-making processes. Moreover, this will set a strong base for integration of refugees in Moldovan communities. In the long-term perspective, girls-project participants will be more likely to lead their own entrepreneurial initiatives in adulthood due to the gained experience.


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