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Book Presentation: "Ukraine in Focus: Recognizing Propaganda, Understanding Facts"

On 26.02 at Berliner Landeszentrale für politische Bildung, CRISP together with Open Platform e.V. presented the book "Ukraine in Focus: Recognizing Propaganda, Understanding Facts"

Quick facts
LOCATIONSBerlin, Germany


Russia has been waging war against Ukraine for 10 years. With the full-scale invasion on February 24, 2022, the world woke up and saw the atrocities committed by Russia.

Ukraine's perception is changing. Many discover Ukraine as an extremely resilient, freedom-loving, and modern country. Yet, some myths spread through propaganda and lack of knowledge still shape Ukraine's image. With the book 'Ukraine in focus: recognizing propaganda, understanding facts,' these myths are being countered.

The publishing of this book was organised by our colleague Kateryna Pavlova from CRISP and Nataliya Pryhornytska from Open Platform e.V., with the help of the Berliner Landeszentrale für politische Bildung (LpB).

Event Highlights:
6:30 PM: Short presentation by the editors Nataliya Pryhornytska and Kateryna Pavlova
6:50 PM: Panel discussion with Nataliya Pryhornytska and authors from the book
8:00 PM: Closing

Renowned experts took on the task of critically questioning widespread narratives and uncovering the complexity of Ukrainian reality. Scientifically argued, clear, and comprehensible, the authors in their contributions explained the facts about Ukraine.

1.    "Kyivan Rus' is an Ancient Russian State" - Dr. Franziska Davies
2.    "Crimea has always been Russian" - Alim Aliev
3.    "Ukrainian is nearly identical to Russian" - Oksana Potelchak
4.    "Speaking the Russian language implies a pro-Russian stance" - Sebastian Christ
5.    "The war against Ukraine is Russia's response to NATO expansion" - Thomas Franke
6.    "Ukraine is controlled by America" - Prof. Gerhard Simon
7.    "Ukraine has no distinct culture of its own" - Oksana Shchur
8.    "Ukraine's culture is part of the broader Russian culture" - Yuriy Gurzhy
9.    "Ukraine is a corrupt country" - Mattia Nelles
Essay: Ukraine-EU: Historical Review of Relations - Rebecca Harms
10.    "Ukraine is an underdeveloped country" - Denis Trubetskoy
11.    "Ukraine does not belong in the EU" - Mattia Nelles
12.    "Ukraine is a divided country" - Sebastian Christ
13.    "Russia's goal is to protect Russian-speaking people in Ukraine" - Denis Trubetskoy
14.    "There was a civil war in Donbas" - Dr. Franziska Davies
15.    "Ukraine is full of nationalists" - Sebastian Christ
16.    "During the Second World War, people from Ukraine were primarily collaborators" - Oleksandra Bienert


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