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Simulation Game

CRISP hosts EU security simulation game for Global Fellows

CRISP organised a simulation game at the office of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Berlin for 120 scholarship holders from all over the world. The focus of the simulation game was the topic "EU Security. Outlook 2023" and aimed to shed more light on the issue of the Russian war against Ukraine on the European continent and worldwide.

Quick facts
DURATION29.04.2023 Until 29.04.2023
LOCATIONSBerlin, Germany
PARTICIPANTS120 international scholarship holders of the konrad Adenauer foundation


Project Goals

The aim of the simulation game was to simulate a meeting of the Council of the European Union (EU), where the heads of state and government of the EU member states meet to discuss the EU's security strategy in the face of current threats. The game was designed to help participants understand the complexity of the issues surrounding Russia's war against Ukraine and to develop strategies for military support to Ukraine, economic and political relations with Russia and sanctions, and security and defence during a fictional EU summit in 2023.

Target Group(s)

120 scholarship holders from all over the world who attended an international meeting.

Planned Outcomes/Achievements

The simulation game allowed participants to take on the role of representatives of EU member states, gain insights and put them into practice. The post-game evaluation session helped to analyse the relevance on a global level of the issues raised during the simulation. The short panel discussion helped to discuss the main similarities and differences of the four simulation processes.


This activity was implemented in close partnership with


The project could be realized thanks to the kind support of the German Federal Foreign Office