Simulation Game

CRISP Presents "EU-Security: Outlook 2023" Simulation Game

As requested by numerous educational institutions we have developed an up-to-date reality-based simulation game "EU-Security: Outlook 2023", focusing on the Russian invasion of Ukraine and its effects on the European Union. Designed for individuals interested in EU security policy, Ukraine, and the global effects of the Russian invasion, this immersive experience promises to deepen understanding and foster critical thinking in international affairs.

The simulation game caters to participants of all levels and offers a flexible duration of 8 hours or a shorter format across two half-day sessions. With a minimum requirement of 20 participants, the game provides an ideal platform for interactive learning and skill development.

The primary learning targets of "EU-Security: Outlook 2023" encompass several key aspects. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the Russian war against Ukraine and its global impact. By delving into the decision-making processes of the EU's security policy, players will develop insights into the complexities of international relations and the effects of their decisions. Additionally, the game aims to enhance critical thinking, communication, and negotiation skills of the participants of various levels of preparation.

To address the critical challenges facing the EU, participants are united into three working groups, each focusing on a specific topic. The "Security and Defense" group aims to strengthen cooperation, coordination, and collective defense measures. The "Economic Relations to Russia and Sanctions" group analyzes economic ties between the EU and Russia, while exploring the effectiveness of sanctions and potential adjustments. Lastly, the "Military Support to Ukraine" group evaluates the EU's military assistance efforts and explores options for enhancing support and coordination.

On April 29, we implemented this simulation game at the Konrad Adenauer Foundation's office in Berlin for 120 fellows from around the world. And here is the feedback from Dzmitry Turchyn of the KAS team:„The simulation game was truly fantastic! We thoroughly enjoyed participating in it. Personally, it took me a while to return to feeling like Dzmitry after the game and not as Giorgia Meloni;). A heartfelt thank you for that!“

Don't miss the chance to be part of the "EU-Security: Outlook 2023" simulation game! If you and your group would like to get deeper into the EU security policy, strategize together and develop a common outlook, use the contact form to arrange a simulation game implementation. Immerse yourself in a dynamic and interactive environment, where you can develop essential skills, deepen your understanding of EU security policy, and contribute to shaping a secure and prosperous future.