Looking into sleep-deprived eyes of Ukrainians

«In Germany I hear so often that the passport has nothing to do with identity. But right now in the air-raid shelter I feel more Ukrainian than ever», says our colleague Kateryna Pavlova after a trip to her homeland

Our Ukrainian colleague, Kateryna Pavlova, travels through Ukraine, up to the East and South of the country, and talks to the people living under the state of war. In the article, she reflects on her experience of returning to her home country but feeling like a stranger, staying in bomb shelters, and looking into the eyes of the locals. It is an homage capturing moments of resilience, determination, and longing for peace amid the challenging circumstances of the Russian invasion.

We invite you to read the article and gain a deeper understanding of the strong emotions and resilience of the local population against the Russian invasion. The article is available in German only.