CRISP - Project


Help for refugee helpers

Training series for refugee aid workers - structures of refugee aid and necessary skills

Quick facts
DURATION15.09.2022 until 31.12.2022


The project is aimed at people who have taken on a coordinating role in helping refugees from Ukraine in the participating municipalities. Among them are many volunteers on whom the communities depend. However, many of them are overwhelmed and/or "burned out". Through several modules, they are placed in the currently existing structures of refugee assistance and networked. In this way, the existing structures are used more efficiently. In addition, the participants are trained in skills relevant to their work and prepared for stressful situations (anti-burnout training).

Project Goals

The overall goal is to contribute to the creation and expansion of sustainable structures for helping refugees. In addition, refugee helpers are networked with each other and current needs are discussed and addressed.

Target group(s)

People who volunteer for refugees from Ukraine


The project consists of 5 modules that are conducted online and offline.

1. Modul: Helpers from different communities share their experiences and learn to challenge expectations.
2. Modul: Institutions and information coming from the state for refugee assistance. State offers in different federal states.
3. Modul: From the history and culture of Ukraine. Who are we dealing with here? Dealing and communication with people with trauma.
4. Modul: Introduction to peaceful conflict transformation. Anti-burnout training
5. Modul: Sustainable structures. Communication between the volunteers and the offices.

On December 17, a closing event will take place in Berlin, to which associations and people involved in Ukraine aid are invited. Registration is possible until 1.12.