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German-Ukrainian Dialogue – Fostering Democratic Exchange

Disinformation is a symptom of anti-democratic movements. To effectively counter it, genuine dialogue and personal involvement is essential. In this project we aim to improve both, personal engagement, and democratic dialogue. 

Quick facts
DURATION01.02.2024 Until 31.12.2025
LOCATIONSChemnitz and Zwickau
PARTICIPANTSWe address people of all ages who are from Chemnitz or Zwickau or the surrounding region. For the dialogue moderators, we are looking for Ukrainians and people who grew up in Germany.


In times of disinformation and fake news, dialogue is particularly important to counteract prejudices and develop a deeper understanding of complex issues. The German-Ukrainian Dialogue project aims to promote social cohesion and strengthen trust both between people and in democracy.

In response to the Monday demonstrations (regular demonstrations with anti-Ukrainian slogans taking place in some towns of Germany, usually gathering between 50 and 500 ppl) and the dissatisfaction in large parts of eastern Germany, we want to bring citizens together through informal dialogues in everyday places like bars, sports clubs, and other meeting points. Our approach relies on personal contacts and the exchange of diverse opinions to raise awareness and reduce prejudices. In the long term, we aim to contribute to peacebuilding efforts.

Our specially trained dialogue moderators from Ukraine and Germany will lead these conversations in pairs. They will be trained throughout the course of this project, to not only effectively moderate contentious group discussions but also debunk myths and misinformation about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, fostering constructive dialogue in Germany. Our goal is to engage people in conversations who otherwise would not attend educational events, thereby creating new opportunities for social cohesion.

Project Goals
  • Engaging in democratic dialogue
  • Fostering social cohesion
  • Combating disinformation and Fake news 
  • Deconstructing myths surrounding the Russian invasion of Ukraine
Target Group(s)

People of all ages from Chemnitz and Zwickau

Planned Outcomes/Achievements 
  • Moderated exchange on controversial topics among different people
  • Training of dialogue moderators
  • Debunking misinformation and myths regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine


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