Alliance Participation

CRISP Joins the Alliance for Gender-Responsive and Inclusive Recovery of Ukraine

We are excited to announce our participation in a crucial initiative to support gender equality in Ukraine.

The launch of the Alliance took place during Ukraine Recovery Conference (URC 2024) in Berlin. This collaborative initiative brings together governments, international organizations, civil society, and the business community to advance gender equality and women's empowerment in Ukraine.

The Alliance for Gender-Responsive and Inclusive Recovery is a critical response to the disproportionate impact of the ongoing war in Ukraine on women and marginalized groups. Women face higher rates of poverty, displacement, and gender-based violence, including conflict-related sexual violence. Despite their significant contributions to humanitarian, defense, and recovery efforts, women continue to encounter barriers to representation and equality. By joining the Alliance, CRISP aims to address these challenges via projects that promote gender equality, women's protection, and empowerment, ensuring that recovery efforts are inclusive and responsive to the needs of all.

Our engagement in the Alliance will involve collaborative actions and strategic planning with other members to achieve sustainable impact. This partnership will enhance our capacity to support a gender-responsive and inclusive recovery in Ukraine, reinforcing our vision of conflicts as opportunities for constructive engagement and better outcomes for all involved.