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Alliance for Gender-Responsive and Inclusive Recovery of Ukraine

Joining powers to support inclusive recovery efforts in Ukraine.

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CRISP is now a member of the Alliance for Gender-Responsive and Inclusive Recovery of Ukraine. Launched at the Ukraine Recovery Conference 2024, this coalition unites governments, international organizations, civil society, and businesses dedicated to advancing gender equality and women's empowerment in Ukraine. Our involvement underscores our commitment to incorporating gender perspectives into all recovery efforts, ensuring women's participation in decision-making, and prioritizing their rights and needs. This initiative aligns with our mission to foster democratic values and promote non-violent conflict management globally.

The members of the Alliance commit to contribute to one or some of the following outcomes:
  1. Integrating a gender perspective into funding and resources for recovery, by increasing the share of funding to recovery projects or programmes in Ukraine that support gender equality, women’s protection and empowerment as a priority objective; applying the OECD DAC’s gender policy marker; monitoring, tracking and reporting on the allocation of funds;
  2. Ensuring women’s full and effective participation and representation, by supporting women’s and women’s rights organisations’ participation in decision-making on recovery and reconstruction at all levels, including in the Multi-agency Donor Coordination Platform (MDCP) for Ukraine, future Ukraine Recovery Conferences (URCs), sectoral, national, regional and local recovery and development planning processes;
  3. Prioritizing women’s rights and needs, by delivering financial and technical assistance that meet the needs of women and girls and advances their rights, using tools of gender-responsive planning and budgeting; and financing gender-responsive projects identified and/or stated in the Ukraine Plan and in the Rapid Damage and Needs Assessment (RDNA).


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