Middle East/ Northern Africa

CRISP and Bahrain Foundation for Dialogue's First Meeting Breaks Online Boundaries

With the participation of Anastasiia Halyko and Mohamed Najib Rahmi, the project coordinators of CRISP, the meeting marked the beginning of a promising partnership that seeks to foster positive societal development through open dialogue.

The meeting, held on August 20, 2023, was an opportune moment as the CRISP team was in Bahrain for a workshop implementation. The warmth of the welcome extended by Mr. Suhail bin Ghazi Algosaibi, the Founder and Charman of Bahrain Foundation for Dialogue, and Mr. Abbas Hamada, the Executive Manager of the Foundation, was a clear testament to the shared vision of both organizations.

Initiated as a simple online exchange of ideas, the connection between CRISP and Bahrain Foundation for Dialogue has swiftly evolved into a meaningful collaboration. As mutual understanding deepened, common principles emerged, all oriented towards the construction of a positive society where dialogue stands as the pillar of human development.

The meeting proved to be a platform for a dynamic exchange. CRISP’s delegation received an insightful presentation on the foundation's programs, activities, and initiatives. In return, CRISP delivered a comprehensive presentation on our projects, particularly focusing on simulation games, our objectives they seek to achieve, and the societal impacts we aim to generate. This exchange laid the foundation for potential cooperation and mutual coordination aligned with their shared goals.

Both parties anticipate that this inaugural meeting will pave the way for a robust, long-term partnership that will have a meaningful impact on both organizations' aspirations. As our team and the Bahrain Foundation for Dialogue embark on this collaborative journey, the future promises exciting initiatives that underscore the power of dialogue in shaping societies for the better.

For those eager to delve deeper into the origins and evolution of Bahrain Foundation for Dialogue, an insightful documentary chronicling its inception is available (للحوار حكاية - Dialogue Has a Story). The documentary provides a captivating account of the foundation's transformative journey and its role in fostering dialogue-based positive change.