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National Youth Engagement in Bahrain

A workshop to promote youth engagement and to develop a joint roadmap for the inclusion of young people

Quick facts


12.08.2022 - 13.08.2022

Manamah, Bahrain


The 52 participants in the workshop were part pf the "Young parliamentarian" program by the Bahraini NGO "Youth Pioneer Society".




General Description

In August 2022 we had the opportunity to repeat our simulation game on National Youth Policy for 60 young people in Bahrain. This activity built on a previous implementation in 2019. The activity was implemented together with the Youth Pioneer Society and funded by the EU and Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

During the two days of the workshop, participants debated policy recommendations for the fictional country of Shebania. After the simulation, participants enjoyed lively debates on the role of the press, youth engagement, social cohesion, and economic inequalities.

Project Goals

The simulation game is set in the fictional country of Shebania, which is faced with the challenge of having to develop a new national youth strategy. It aims at engage participants to take the role of civil, economic, and governmental stakeholders and to debate the future and current issues of youth.

During the two days of training, the group was split into two equal groups which were each training during different days. Both groups started with the simulation game and ended the day reflecting their discussions on political participation, education, and social cohesion.

Target Group (s)

The 52 participants in the workshop were part of the “Young parliamentarian” program by the Bahraini NGO Youth Pioneer Society.

Planned Outcomes/Achievements

The project aims at promoting both youth interest as well as knowledge about how to engage politically and identify the most pressing issues of the youth. The ultimate goal of the project is the long-term engagement of young participants in their political environments.


This activity was implemented in close partnership with