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Simulation Game

National Youth Policy in Bahrain 2023

For the third consecutive time, CRISP has successfully executed the Shebania Simulation Game, fostering robust youth engagement in Bahrain

Quick facts
DURATION18.08.2023 Until 19.08.2023
LOCATIONSManamah, Bahrain
PARTICIPANTSA group of 35 participants, aged between 18 and 23, were part of the "Young Parliamentarian" program organized by the Bahraini NGO Youth Pioneer Society.

In a growing tradition, CRISP and the Youth Pioneer Society have once again teamed up for the third consecutive year. This August 2023, the simulation game focused on Bahrain's National Youth Policy, building on successes from 2019 and 2022. With the backing of the EU and Konrad Adenauer Foundation, this collaborative effort engaged 38 young participants. The two-day workshop involved lively discussions on policy recommendations for the fictional country of Shebania, sparking debates on youth engagement, social cohesion, and economic disparities.

Project Goals

The simulation game takes place in Shebania, a fictional country grappling with the task of devising a new national youth strategy. Participants are prompted to assume roles as civil, economic, and governmental stakeholders, engaging in discussions about both current and future youth-related issues.

Over the course of two days, the group was divided into two equal segments, each undergoing training on separate days. CRISP conducted the simulation game twice with different groups. Both sessions commenced with the simulation game and concluded with reflections on topics such as political participation, education, and social cohesion

Target Group(s)

The workshop included 35 participants who were enrolled in the "Young Parliamentarian" program organized by the Bahraini NGO Youth Pioneer Society.

Planned Outcomes/Achievements

The project's objective is twofold: to foster youth engagement and enhance their understanding of political involvement, along with identifying critical youth concerns. The overarching aim is to ensure sustained participation of young individuals in their political contexts over the long term.



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