CRISP Hosts EU Security Simulation Game for Global Fellows

On April 29, CRISP implemented a simulation game at the Konrad Adenauer Foundation's office in Berlin for 120 fellows from around the world. The fellows were participating in an international meeting event, and the fellows had the opportunity to experience a simulation game that we specifically created for the event.

The simulation game was centered around the topic of EU Security. Outlook 2023 "EU-Sicherheit. Ausblick 2023 "  and it aimed to provide a more detailed perspective on the topic of Russia's war against Ukraine on the European continent and globally. Within the simulation game a meeting of the European Union (EU) Council was simulated, where EU member state leaders come together to discuss the EU's security strategy in the face of current threats.

The simulation game was conducted in parallel in four groups and lasted for seven hours. During this time, participants were able to act as representatives of EU member states and develop strategies for military assistance to Ukraine, economic and political relations with Russia and sanctions, as well as security and defense during a fictional EU summit in 2023.

At the end of the game, the groups held an evaluation session to discuss their experiences and transfer the insights gained into reality. They also analyzed the relevance of the issues raised during the simulation game on a global level. Finally, a short panel discussion was held with all 120 participants, where the most important similarities and differences of the four simulation game processes were discussed.

The simulation game was designed based on the existing structures and statements of the EU, with regular summit meetings serving as the framework. The latest conclusions adopted by the EU Council following these summit meetings formed the basis for the simulation game.