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Crises & Security in Europe

Will the EU be able to address its security concerns amid Russia´s aggressive international politics and the war against Ukraine? Find out as a simulated EU summit is held to discuss the EU's security strategy in the face of current threats.


People interested in EU security policy, Ukraine and EU-Russia relations


International Relations, Democracy & Participation


Beginner, Experienced, Expert


> 6 hours

Number of participants





English, German

The simulation game "EU Security: Outlook 2024" simulates a meeting of the Council of the European Union, where the heads of state and government of the member states meet to discuss the EU's security strategy in the face of current threats. The game is based on existing EU structures and declarations, with the most recent conclusions adopted by the EU Council serving as the basis for the scenario and providing discussion points.

Scenario & procedure:

The simulation game takes place during a fictional EU summit in Brussels is simulated amidst a turbulent global situation, exacerbated by the war in Ukraine. The EU is directly affected in various ways, including its economic prosperity, security, and relationships with other countries that is why during the simulation game, participants are divided into three working groups to discuss the most relevant topics: 

  • Security and Defense

This working group will focus on the EU's security strategy and its relationships with security-related partners. They will discuss ways to strengthen cooperation, coordination, and collective defense measures to address the current global situation and the war in Ukraine.

  • Economic Relations to Russia and Sanctions

The second working group will analyze the economic relations between the EU and Russia, considering the impact of the war in Ukraine. They will also examine the effectiveness of sanctions imposed by the EU and discuss potential adjustments or additional measures to achieve the EU's objectives while minimizing adverse effects on the global economy.

  • Military Support to Ukraine

The third working group will focus on the EU's military support for Ukraine. They will assess the current assistance efforts, including training, capacity-building, and security cooperation with Ukraine. The group will discuss potential options to enhance the EU's military support and coordination with other international actors, aiming to contribute to the stability and security of Ukraine and the broader region.


The objectives of the simulation game "EU Security: Outlook 2024" are to enhance understanding of the EU's response to Russia's aggression and the war in Ukraine, explore decision-making processes in EU security policy, improve critical thinking and communication skills in international relations, deepen awareness of the global impact of the conflict, facilitate post-simulation evaluation and knowledge transfer, and analyze the global relevance of the simulation outcomes.

Learning Goals
  • Gaining a better understanding of the Russian war against Ukraine and its global impact
  • Understanding the decision-making processes of the EU and its security policy
  • Improving critical thinking, communication, and negotiation skills in the context of international relations