Networking Event

Ukraine Networking Event 2.0

Over 120 individuals from 80 Ukrainian Migrant Self-Organizations (MSOs) came together on April 22-23, 2023 in Berlin with a goal of networking. We at CRISP are thrilled to have co-realized this extraordinary event, in partnership with Alliance of Ukrainian Organisations and support from International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD), Bertelsmann Stiftung and Embassy of Ukraine in Germany.

We commend the Ukrainian community in Germany, which holds the distinction of being the third largest group with a migration history, for their unwavering commitment and sense of responsibility. We extend our sincere appreciation to Nataliya Pryhornytska from Alliance of Ukrainian Organisations and our colleague Kateryna Pavlova for their outstanding efforts in moderating and organizing the event.

Special thanks to Oleksandra Bienert from Cinemova e.V. / Alliance of Ukrainian Organisations for the inspiring insights on political participation and city partnerships.

We are also grateful to Claudia Walther from the Bertelsmann Stiftung for sharing valuable insights on cooperation at the municipal level.

We extend our appreciation to Ambassador Oleksii Makeiev and the entire team of the Embassy of Ukraine in Germany for their tireless efforts on the diplomatic front and open communication with the diaspora.

We thank the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD), colleagues Magda Sabadello, Roman Makukha for their support and Ruslan Kraplych for the informative workshop on fundraising, which has enriched the participants with 30 new tools.

We are delighted by the successful opening of the Ukrainian Institute in Germany and express our deepest gratitude to Ms. Dr. Kateryna Rietz-Rakul, the director, for her ongoing and invaluable contributions.

We also thank Markus Priesterath from the Federal Ministry of the Interior for the open exchange and Germany's support for people in and from Ukraine.

Our thanks go to Napoleon Schwan for the wonderful photos and Ksenia Yanko for the upcoming video.

And biggest gratitude goes to all the participants of Ukrainian civil society for their unwavering energy, resilience, unity, and impactful and compassionate work. We eagerly anticipate the next networking event 3.0 and express our sincere thanks to all those who contributed. Together, we stand strong! Glory to Ukraine!