Ukraine Reconstruction Workshop: Empowering Local-Led Efforts

we supported the workshop on the new “Plattform Wiederaufbau Ukraine” organized by our partners Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), and the Alliance of Ukrainian Organizations. Our colleague Kateryna Pavlova moderated several sessions.

The workshop brought together over 50 Ukrainian and German stakeholders to discuss the challenges and opportunities of Ukraine´s reconstruction through a decentralized and locally led approach.

Building on the discussions, participants outlined their expectations towards Germany's role in Ukrainian reconstruction, including coordinating and channeling German efforts as a partner of Ukrainian-led reconstruction, involving and strengthening local civil society, providing education and mentorship on donor requirements, and alleviating bureaucratic burdens on local stakeholders.

Participants highlighted the value of Ukrainian databases on local reconstruction needs and civil society organizations involved in reconstruction as a basis for the German Platform. Additionally, participants recommended the establishment of a digital dashboard matching needs and offers, comprehensive list of Germany-funded reconstruction projects, a support program for interactions and capacity building, direct linkages to Ukrainian state and civil society platforms, and a civil society advisory board of Ukrainian and German non-state actors to enhance the effectiveness and transparency of the German Platform.

We express our gratitude to all partners for their participation and contribution to the discussions. We also express our respect for the initiative and acknowledge the great responsibility of Ukraine´s recovery. We are honored to join the efforts of the brave Ukrainian society, local authorities, and the international community in the reconstruction process. We reaffirm our commitment to working towards the collective goal of supporting Ukraine's recovery and development, in line with the needs and priorities of the Ukrainian people.