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"Generators for Ukraine" fundraising campaign

Together with the Berlin-based non-governmental organisation Rational Games Inc. we have launched a fundraising campaign. Together we want to collect donations to buy high-quality generators from Könner & Söhne (Germany) and hand them over to institutions in Ukraine.

As you surely know from the media, the Russian military and mercenary groups are constantly carrying out attacks on the Ukrainian infrastructure. To counteract this, we want to support the civilian population with generators to produce electricity.  

Donation account
SubjectDonation of generators for Ukraine

Of course, every donor will receive a donation receipt from us. For donations up to 100 EUR the bank statement counts.

We have already done some preliminary work and defined the individual steps of the donation campaign and planned the whole process. A total of 5 high-quality generators, between 6 KW and 16 KW, are to be purchased from Könner & Söhne, a renowned company based in southern Germany. The total amount is about 20,000 EUR.

In addition, partnerships have been established with logistics companies in Poland and Germany that will provide free transport of the generators to the intended recipients in Ukraine.

Moreover, a partner has been found in the Khmelnytskyi region of western Ukraine, where locals and IDPs can come together and rest at designated "Points of Indestructibility", i.e. community centres and tent-like warming stations. More information can be found here.

The delivery will be supervised by the Ukrainian Civil Protection Service in this region. This will ensure that there are no bureaucratic or other obstacles in sending the generators.

Every donation counts! We, but especially our partners in Ukraine, are grateful for any support. You are also welcome to spread the word about this fundraising campaign in your private and/or professional networks.

Either donate directly to the above donation account, or donate online via the certified donation platform "GoFundMe".