Donation Campaign

Donation campaign: The first protective vests successfully handed over

We are very happy that together with more than 100 individual donors we managed to purchase protective vests for Ukraine. Many thanks to all who supported the campaign.

The first delivery has already reached the front in Ukraine. On the photo you can see a police officer, wearing the body armor which was bought thanks to your donations! He is standing in Bucha on the day of its liberation.

The second delivery is on its way too! This time these are 20 body armors. You can see the certificate of the plate on the photo. Plates matter the most and they are extremely difficult to get.

We are constantly trying to buy more body armors, negotiate with producers, military shops and private people. When we get at least one body armor, it makes its way immediately to Ukraine. Either a volunteer driver comes over to Berlin or a colleague of ours goes eastwards. We bring the vests to a volunteer center in Luzk @angarstage.

This center is in a constant connection with Ukrainian towns on the front and they distribute all material donations that they receive based on the urgent needs. The ways through which they go to the front are very insecure, but Ukrainians are already famous in the whole world for their bravery!

Even more dangerous is of course fighting on the front. But wearing a body armor is a big support for them. So please, continue donating and we continue with our efforts as well!