Ukraine Talk

We are hosting the next round of the updated Ukraine Talk on April 8 at 18:00-19:30. Our three Ukrainian colleagues will share their personal thoughts and stories about the context of Russia's war against Ukraine. We will address the current narratives and myths and open the space for questions and discussion.

The war against Ukraine is now in its second month. And even though it is happening only a few kilometers away from us, the country is still far away for many people in Germany. The conviction and consistency with which the local people are fighting for their country, their freedom and their democracy has surprised many in Germany. For people who, like us, have worked in Ukraine, this resistance is only a logical consequence of the developments and achievements of the country in recent years.

During the online event, the following myths will be addressed:

  1. Ukraine is divided into Ukrainian-speaking Europe-oriented West and Russian-speaking Russia-friendly East.
  2. Ukrainian democratization effort is a new development.
  3. Ukraine is full of Nazis and Russia is denazifying Ukraine.

Please register for the event here.

Feel free to forward our invitation to your friends and colleagues. And, of course, let us know if there are any other topics or issues you are particularly interested in discussing at this or the next Ukraine Talk.

There is no participant fee for the talk, but we welcome donations. The collected amount will be used for the purchase of protective vests for Ukrainians, please see here.