Wrapping up YouPi Project and Celebrating Local Youth Initiatives

“YouPi – Promoting Youth Participation in Moldova” is now officially over – and the results are splendid!

Throughout 2021, CRISP and Diversity conducted different trainings and events for local multipliers and, most importantly, youth from all over the country – all with the main goal of empowering young people to shape their communities. As the result, teenagers developed and conducted their own local initiatives during the fall season. We were proud to see 14 projects coming true in small villages and big cities, including the regions of Transnistria and Gagauzia. These were projects to build open-air youth spaces and libraries, lectures on gender equality, human rights, anti-bullying, ecology, sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI), an exhibition of stories on social themes, comics and magazines about self-acceptance and challenging stereotypes, painting bus stops, and projects to clean the river bank and install wastebins in schools.

And so in December we gathered in Chisinau for the Final Event with multipliers and young participants, local authorities representatives, the Embassy of Germany to Moldova in order to celebrate the achievements of the project, especially the above-listed initiatives of our participants. We also discussed the way forward for greater cooperation of young people with local/state authorities and formulated a common vision for the future.

During the following several days of the Evaluation Seminar, we wrapped up all the processes, experiences and transformations that have happened within the project. An important part of the seminar was development of joint vision for the potential follow-up of YouPi – we are very keen on continuing and expanding the project in 2022!