Project Update

Training of Trainers within U-Power Project

Working with Moldovan civil society actors on preparing further project activities in a trauma-sensitive way.

In late July we started on-ground activities of the U-Power project with a Training of Trainers on creative methods for youth/female participation.
During the program 8 civil society actors participated in CRISP's simulation game focused on political and youth participation. This experience helped them grasp the methodology behind it. Later on, we organized an online session with a psychologist, focusing on working with teenagers who have experienced war trauma.

Both sessions served as a ground base for the main tasks of the training. The first one was to review the simulation game that we have developed within our 2021 project “YouPi – Promoting Youth Participation in Moldova”. We reviewed the materials and brainstormed the key changes that should be made to correspond to the needs and experiences of U-Power’s target group: teenage girls from Ukraine who fled to Moldova after Russian full-scale invasion started, and their Moldovan peers from host communities. Working on the materials, we also emphasized female participation and community development. We also removed elements that could be triggering to participants with trauma.
The second key task was the preparation of a detailed program for the upcoming Summer Academy. We have reflected on the changes we want to see in our young participants as a result of our project and what skills or knowledge we possess to make those changes come true.