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Digital Capacity Building "Sport for Development"

CRISP, in collaboration with GIZ, is running a  two-year initiative to enhance digital capacity building for the global Sport for Development (S4D) community. Exciting new courses on gender equality, social cohesion, and employability are offered through a dedicated online platform. 

Quick facts
DURATION01.03.2023 Until 30.09.2025
LOCATIONSThe initiative will be implemented globally through the online platform.
PARTICIPANTSCoaches, trainers, and program managers from the global Sport for Development community will be the primary participants in the capacity building courses and will benefit from the youth empowerment handbook.


Over the next two years, existing capacity building measures will be revamped, and new offerings will be developed based on thorough needs assessment. A dedicated online platform will be launched by autumn 2023, providing access to a range of courses covering topics such as gender equality, social cohesion, and employability. The overarching theme of youth empowerment will be integrated into all courses, complemented by a comprehensive conceptual framework that links them with other S4D training initiatives. Furthermore, a handbook on youth empowerment will be compiled, offering valuable guidance to coaches, trainers, and program managers seeking to empower youth as agents of positive social change.

    Target Group(s)

    Coaches, trainers, program managers, researchers and policy makers working in the field of Sport for Development 

    Planned Outcomes/Achievements 
    • A modular system of digital training courses for the global S4D is developed.
    • 80 digital training and knowledge sharing measures are implemented.
    • Manual on youth empowerment is published and the underlying concepts are mainstreamed in the whole S4D project
    Project Goals
    • Enhance the capacities of members of the global Sport for Development community
    • Promote gender equality, social cohesion, and employability in S4D initiatives
    • Integrate youth empowerment as a cross-cutting theme across the whole S4D project


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