New Project

CRISP leads digital capacity building for ‘Sport for Development’ in cooperation with GIZ

CRISP has taken on the responsibility of designing and implementing digital capacity building measures for the global Sport for Development (S4D) community for the next two years, as part of the new phase of the program in cooperation with GIZ.

In a first phase we will be reworking the existing capacity building measures and develop new offers based on a thorough need assessment. By autumn 2023, these courses will be made available through a newly developed online platform dedicated to the S4D community. The courses will cover a range of topics including gender equality, social cohesion, and employability. As a cross-cutting them we will include youth empowerment in all courses, complemented by a cohesive conceptual framework to link them with other training measures within the S4D project. Lastly, we will compile a handbook on youth empowerment, providing coaches, trainers, and program managers with valuable guidance in empowering youth to become catalysts for social change.