Project Update

Launch of Capacity Building Online Courses for ‘Sports for Development’

CRISP, in partnership with GIZ, has started the new capacity building courses, aiming to bolster competencies within the Sport for Development (S4D) community. In total 80 courses will be offered in four languages throughout the next two years.

Key Highlights:

  1. Global Participation: The first two "Introduction to S4D" online course attracted 45 participants from around the world. These participants are all members of the global S4D community, demonstrating the course's international reach and its ability to connect individuals passionate about using sports for positive societal change.
  2. Positive Feedback: Participants have shared positive feedback about the course, praising its comprehensive content, interactive learning experience, and relevance in advancing the S4D cause globally.

This initiative, is a two-year collaboration between CRISP and GIZ, aims to enhance the skills and knowledge of the global S4D community. The online platform serves as a hub for networking and capacity building, including courses focusing on gender equality, social cohesion, and employability. Youth empowerment remains a central theme, connecting these courses to broader S4D training initiatives within a comprehensive conceptual framework.

Furthermore, as part of the initiative, a handbook on youth empowerment will be compiled, offering valuable guidance to coaches, trainers, and program managers interested in empowering youth as agents of positive social change.

You can register for the platform and the courses here:

Stay tuned for further updates!