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Conference "Voices From Around the Globe"

In a collaborative effort, the German Federal Foreign Office and CRISP organized the international conference. It took place on December 1, 2023 and brought together about 250 participants from 27 countries from all over the world. 

Quick facts
DURATION01.12.2023 Until 01.12.2023
LOCATIONSBerlin, Germany

CRISP took responsibility for managing and moderating the event, designing interactive sessions and developing an exhibition about the international projects funded by the FFO. With many years of experience in preparing and implementing trainings and workshops on peace, non-violence, and conflict transformation, we conducted workshops during the conference centered around essential themes, including Peace Dialogue, Digital Activism and Feminist Solidarity, Considering Gender in Climate Action, and Project Design with Intersectional Approach. 
We were incredibly grateful to meet distinguished guests from the Federal Foreign Office such as Katja Keul (Minister of State), Gesa Bräutigam (Special Envoy for Feminist Foreign Policy, Director for Human Rights and Global Health), Anka Feldhusen (Director for Civilian Crisis Prevention and Stabilization) and Stefan Rössel (Deputy Director-General for Culture and Society), who enriched the day with their speeches and contributions to discussions. 

The event also featured speakers with extensive experience in the conference topic, and we were delighted to have them on board – Azadeh Ganjeh from Iran, Carolyn Boyd Tomasović from Croatia, Flutura Kusari from Kosovo, Gia Sickel from Namibia, Laura Aguirre from El Salvador, Nyein Chan May from Myanmar, and Viktoria Lykholot from Ukraine. 

The conference provided a setting for participants to engage in discussions, network, and share insights into their actions on site. The atmosphere, while professional, facilitated productive discourse and emphasized the importance of global efforts in countering anti-feminism and promoting equality. Speakers talked about cooperation across cultures and borders, which makes the concept of feminist foreign policy a project full of life. Women are often seen as the vulnerable group that needs special protection in times of crisis, what has been proven in numerous reports about the effects of conflicts. What comes short is that women are often also the force that drives the society to peace and leads transformations. We made a strong emphasis on this active role of women in peacebuilding and democratization during the conference. 

Finally, we would like to express deep gratitude to everyone who participated in the organization of this conference, especially to the Division Strategy and Planning Cultural Diplomacy of the German Federal Foreign Office, as well as to all participants for the incredible collaborative atmosphere and active engagement in all activities throughout the day. We hope this conference has contributed to your future endeavors and will make an even greater impact on the development of a strong international women's community. 

CRISP implemented this conference on the request of the Federal Foreign Office.

You can download pictures from the conference from our Facebook page HERE.


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