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Simulation Game

Conflict Transformation Training for international Diplomats

In the scope of the Training for International Diplomats (German Federal Foreign Office) in Berlin, CRISP has implemented the Simulation Game, Kodori, dealing with conflict transformation for diplomats from the Western Balkans.

Quick facts


08.07.19 – 09.07.19


Berlin, Germany


12 young diplomats from the Western Balkans

In the framework of the international diplomat training of the German Federal Foreign office we organized a simulation game on conflict transformation for young diplomats from the Western Balkans

Project Goals / Content

This simulation sets out to familiarize young diplomats with conflict scenarios and deepen their understanding of the dynamics between different actors within a post conflict situation of an in-tra-state and interethnic conflict. When it comes to negotiate sustainable peace, diplomats should be trained to effectively deal with challenges, obstacles and chances in the context of peace nego-tiations. Political and social conflicts are driven by complex dynamics between different stake-holders, which allows participants to explore different perspectives and overcome positional bar-gaining in order to discuss the underlying interests of all actors.

Over the course of the conflict simulation, participants had the opportunity to apply their knowledge and tools within the realm of conflict transformation to experience the concrete chal-lenges when they are required to use those tools and actually negotiate sustainable peace.  Through slipping into the roles of different stakeholders within the conflict scenario, participants have to cooperate and negotiate with each other. Beyond this, they also have to make decisions on their own and reflect upon their own interests and positions as a stakeholder. This change of per-spectives allows to better understand the behaviour and decisions of stakeholders in real life.

In a final evaluation participants have the chance to recapitulate the process that took place on a personal level. Reflections upon one’s personal feelings within the role, should help to analyse the process on a personal and professional level. Thus the simulation does no only promote subject knowledge but also foster social competencies, communication skills, negotiation and mediation skills as well as willingness for compromises and empathy.

Target Groups

Diplomats from the Western Balkans, who were taking part in the international diplomat training of the German Federal Foreign Office.


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