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Simulation Game

Quo vadis Ukraine

We had the pleasure to implement the simulation game “Quo Vadis Ukraine” for 16 officers of the German Federal Army in October 2019. The participants slipped into the roles of political actors and members of civil society in order to debate about the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and to elaborate possible future scenarios.

Quick facts


6 hours


Flensburg, Germany


16 officers from the German Federal Army

The simulation game was conducted on the 23rd October in the European Academy Sankelmark in the North of Germany, near the city of Flensburg. For half a day the participants had the chance to learn about the war in the Donbass region, and debate about three main topics: Minsk peace agreements, the humanitarian crisis, as well as a possible UN-peace mission.

The simulation game was held in German, updated with the current developments around the conflict, including the Ukrainian parliamentary elections of April 2019 and liberation in the procedure of receiving Russian passports by the Ukrainian citizens from Donbas.

Project Goals

The simulation game sets out to give the participants insights into the complexity of the war in Ukraine, allowing them to identify with different actors involved in the conflict and to handle conflict dynamics. We provided the participants with background information about the development of the war and assisted them during the simulation game. The aim of the workshop was to raise the level of soldiers' awareness with regards to Ukraine and the dynamics of the war in its East.

Target Groups

The workshop was adapted to the needs and learning goals of the soldiers and officers from the German Federal Army.


This project was designed and implemented in close cooperation with