CRISP - Simulation Game

Simulation Game


The simulation game tackles the subject of migration on two levels: The first setting is rather institutionalized with various actors from the EU as well as countries of origin, transit states and human rights organizations.

Quick facts



 Bonn (Germany) & Krzyzowa (Poland)



During an EU special conference the actors have to adopt a resolution during tackling the problematic situation caused by migration. The second part of the game takes place a few months after the special conference and is dedicated to the local dynamics of different parties and stakeholders on a fictitious island, which depicts a transit state. A few modifications of the simulation game have been adapted and it has been translated to English. In the end of October we facilitated it a second time in the framework of a seminar organized by the Kreisau Initiative in Poland.

Target Group

In this simulation game participated German soon-to-be volunteers doing service abroad and high school students.

Project Goals

The simulation game improved the understanding of the complex issue of migration on different levels: political, personal and institutional. The participants learned to understand the reasoning behind political decisions, and what effects they have on a local level for individuals.


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