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SIMigration - Anna Lindh Foundation

During autumn, we had the chance to conduct our Simulation Game SiMigration with different representatives of member organizations of the German section of Anna Lind network in Nuremberg. During the annual network meeting, the participants discussed different approaches to react on the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe. Therefore we emphasized the importance of a coherent European migration policy.

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Nuremberg, Germany


Members of the German Network of the Anna Lind Foundation
Target Group

The implementation of this simulation game aimed to develop the skills of members of the German network of the Anna Lindh Foundation.

Project Goals

Within the Simulation Game, the participants recognized the different needs and interest of EU member states in this field. But they also realized on which issues common ground can be made, and how an effective and human European migration policy could look like. During the evaluation we linked the outcomes of the simulation game to the current situation in Germany. As many of the participants were active in the field of dealing with refugees, the discussion was very fruitful.


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