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Simulation Game

SiMigration in Brussels

In September, we went the first time in the history of CRISP to Brussels to facilitate a simulation game. Supported by our trainer Dinah, we spent one day with participants from all over Europe, invited by the Green European Foundation, facilitating our simulation game SiMigration. Here, the participants could experience the negotiations on the European asylum and migration policy and how difficult it is to come to common agreements.

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Brussels, Belgium


Target Group

Members of the Green European Foundation and green parties from all over Europe.

Project Goals

The simulation game exemplified the complexity of EU decision-making, by taking the example of European migration policy. The simulation game showcases institutional mechanisms of decision making processes within the European Union, by involving the participants as key stakeholder. The goal of the simulation game was to draft a common resolution. In order to achieve this ambitious goal, the actors had to negotiate, build alliances, convince others and balance different interests. Due to this setting the participants learned a lot about the positions on EU migration policies and furthermore experienced the challenge of reducing the interests of the actors to a common denominator.


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