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Simulation Game

Simulation Game: Diversity at the Young Islam Conference

We developed a simulation game on diversity, integration and religion for the Young Islam Conference of the Mercator Foundation. The simulation game was hosted by the mayor of Hamburg and took place in the cities’ beautiful town hall. Here 40 young German participants from 17 to 23 years with different cultural and religious backgrounds came together to take over the roles of stakeholders in the German debate on integration.

Quick facts


August - September 2014


Hamburg, Germany



As politicians, academics, journalists, religious representatives and critics, they had to agree on a new high-school curriculum on the topic of diversity and the question „What values belong to the German society?“

Target Group

40 young German participants from 17 to 23 years with different cultural, educational and religious backgrounds.

Project Goals

The simulation game mirrored the current debate on the status of integration policies in Germany. It made the participants reflect on the question which identities, religions and believes belong to the German Society. What does “German” actually mean, what traditions it refers to, and how it should be defined in the future. This was a very enlightening task for everyone involved. An important issue during the evaluation was how the participants would locate themselves in the debate, and what could be innovative ways to address this topic in in the upcoming years.


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