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Simulation Game: Großbürgerhausen

For this year’s forum of urban planners of the “Architektenkammer Nordrhein-Westfalen“, we conducted the simulation game “Großbürgerhausen”. During the simulation game the 60 participants, who consisted of architects, urban planners and staff of local administrations, had to discuss pros and cons of how and if an abandoned area in the city center should be covered with buildings. They took over the roles of common citizens, investors, journalists and other stakeholders. By this they experienced a new perspective on the topic.

Quick facts




Düsseldorf, Germany




Target Group

Architects, urban planners and staff of local administrations.

Project Goals

The participants were sensitized to the varying interests of different citizen groups and had the opportunity to try out new approaches in attending those. One of the main outcomes was that participation processes in the context of urban planning are not only about numbers and facts, but also about how to communicate with citizens. Although having a lot of practical experience in the field of participation processes, the participants gained new insides into the dynamics and different needs involved in such processes.


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