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Simulation Game: SiMigration - Heinrich Böll Stiftung

We had the chance to implement our Simulation Games “SiMigration” two times in the Heinrich Böll Foundation. During the two workshops the participants had to analyzes the current European migration policy. Furthermore, the simulation game highlighted the impact of such decisions on local communities. Due to the two level format of this simulation game (European and local level), the focus on the change of perspective is very strong.

Quick facts




Weimar, Germany


Target Group

Scholarship holders of the Heinrich Böll Foundation participated in this simulation game.

Project Goals

Participants were challenged in a special way. On the one hand, they needed to develop adequate political approaches to solve the problem of migration. On the other hand, they later sliped into the roles of local actors who then needed to implement the decisions made before. The simulation game caused a sensibilization regarding the issue of migration and the social and political conflicts inherent to it.The results of both implementations showed that the simulation game offers a very good base to discuss about current and future developments in this field, and how to deal with them.


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