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Simulation Game: Tandera at the University of Tampere (Finland)

Our former assistant Babett, student at the University of Tampere, asked us to introduce our simulation game “Tandera” into her course “Peace Mediation and National Dialogues”. We developed a didactical framework to embed the simulation game into the course context.

Quick facts




Tampere, Finland



“Tandera” simulates a fictional violent secession conflict, to which a peace treaty should be negotiated. By taking part in the simulation game the participants were enabled to try out and test their mediation skills acquired over the semester. In 2015 we hope to expand with our simulation game “Tandera” into different regions such as Cyprus or New Zealand.

Target Group

University students from the field of peace and conflict studies.

Project Goals

Additionally to their theoretical knowledge about conflicts and mediation, the participants could experience the dynamics of conflict which evolve from social interaction in practice. They learned how to act under pressure and to communicate in a conflict driven environment. In the evaluation they reflected on their academic concepts, and the need to adopt them when it comes to their application in practice.