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Training for Young Diplomats From ASEAN on Regional Integration

For two days we held a training about regional integration for young diplomats from ASEAN member states as well as representatives of the ASEAN secretariat.

Quick facts




Berlin, Germany


14 young diplomats

The training took place within the framework of the ‘Training for international diplomats’ program of the Federal Foreign Office. The core of the workshop was a modified version of the simulation game OMARIA, dealing with the challenges and chances of an enhanced regional integration.  The simulation was adapted to contemporary challenges in the ASEAN region and participants discussed from various perspectives the topics of Labor Mobility, a maritime incident as well as potential common responses to climate change.

Project Goals

The main goal of the workshop has been to sensitize the participants for prototypical challenges of regional integration as well as to give them a space for coming up with new and creative solutions. They furthermore had the chance after the simulation game to think about a vision for ASEAN in ten years for core thematic areas and about concrete steps on how to reach them.

Target Groups

The participants were 14 young diplomats from ASEAN member states as well as representative of the ASEAN secretariat.


This workshop was implemented in close cooperation with